Saturday Sewing

Since last week’s embroidery didn’t quite work out, I still couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I just love the look.   And with the last failure, I had a few new ideas on how to maybe make it work.

I started out making another Flashback Skinny Tee, this time for Lily.  I should have made size 18-24 months, but made size 2T by mistake.  It didn’t make a huge difference, except for a wider neck, which is kind of cute.  I tried a bound neckline this time, that part is not so cute.  Hopefully it’s not something too many people will notice.  After all, there is a cute toddler to look at, too.

I used some more of the garage-sale pink fabric.  I’m pretty sick of the bright! pink! fabric, but it is really nice to have fabric to learn on.  And lots of it.

For this version I tried two new techniques, the neckline binding, and puff sleeve.  The puffed sleeve was very easy, and I love how it changes up the pattern.   Especially for my petite little girl.  The bound neckline was a bit of a fail that I just didn’t take the time to fix.  I think the binding strip should have been cut a bit wider, and I also think that I should have read the directions.

Once the shirt was constructed, it was time to do a little something to it.  I was going to do a big moose applique or something, to take away from all the pink, but in the end the draw of figuring out how to embroider it was too strong.  I had some double-sided fusible light-weight interfacing, so I stuck a panel of the same fabric on the back, hoping this would help stabilize the fabric enough to get nice tight stitches that wouldn’t unravel.

DSC_0472 (Large)

Have I mentioned that the fabric is pink?

Then I stuck it in a little hoop and wrote a sweet little message fit for this little girl.

DSC_0475 (Large)

And speaking of this sweet girl, this is what she was up to while Mama was busy behind the sewing machine.

DSC_0433 (Large)

She’s very creative, no?  Oh, and it says washable marker, but it’s more like semi-washable.

The shirt came out pretty cute.  Simple, which I like.  Embroidering went much more smoothly, nice tight stitches.  I wove the ends of the embroidery floss instead of knotting it, and I’m interested to see how it holds up in the wash.  The extra stabilization definitely helped this process out.  I had trouble keeping the stitches consistent, but kind of like that look.  It works on a toddler shirt, anyway.

Copy of DSC_0488 (Large)

And a shot of the puff sleeve…

DSC_0487 (Large)

I’ll leave you with one last shot of an obviously thrilled Lily.  Obviously.

DSC_0483 (Large)

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  • Reply Tracy February 10, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    LILY!!!!! Cracked me up, girl.

  • Reply Amy G. February 23, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    love the puffy sleeve and the creative marker drawings. keep it up and the embroidery will come. i like that you are sharing your challenges too. a good reminder that in blog land not all is “perfect”. thanks for that!

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