sewing: upcycled bedskirt shirt

Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids / adirondack inspiredWhen I was pregnant with my firstborn, I bought a Waverly bedding set for the crib.  It’s pretty much all I did, there wasn’t a lot of decorating going on.  It was pre-pinterest after all.  (I didn’t even read blogs yet…)  BUT, I loved that bedding.  There were two bedskirts, a floral one that I already upcycled into a quilt (here), and one with eyelet lace that I refashioned like so…! Continue Reading

adirondack life: winter walks

winterwalk68After a few days of too much…  too much sickness, too much eating, too much playing, too much skiing (depending on who you were) and not enough sleep for anyone, we went for a walk.  The kids didn’t really want to go, and I didn’t really want to go (I wanted to go skiing), but like usual once we were out there things just… got better. Continue Reading

sewing: kcw upcycle style

DSC_0051The theme for this round of Kids Clothes Week is upcycle, which just means using hand me downs to create new and awesome garments. I don’t do a heck of a lot of that, mainly because I hate storing stuff. I had a garbage bag full of stuff that I might be able to use, and went on a bit of a rampage last year saving buttons, but doing that just drags me down. It’s too much ‘stuff,’ and it clutters my brain. BUT…upcycling is fun, and makes me feel like I’m doing an art project. Continue Reading

sewing: mini hudsons for the boy

mini hudson sewing pattern / sewn by adirondack inspiredOkay, I admit my January sewing gusto was short-lived.  I really meant to have something in between mini hudson pants and mini hudson pant, but that just didn’t happen.  Mainly because my serger needs to be cleaned and oiled, and I’m procrastinating even though I’m quite sure it’s no big deal.  Also, I’m drowning in fabric and notions and need a method to organize them, an endeavor that I suck at. Continue Reading

sewing: mini hudson pants

True Bias Mini Hudson Pants sewn by Adirondack InspiredKicking off 2015 with the newest pattern from Kelli of True BiasThe Mini Hudson Pants.  The first pattern she’s put out for children, and my fingers are crossed that she becomes a pattern-making machine, because I pretty much love everything she does.  I’ve been harboring a crush on her for years now, she was a major inspiration in learning how to sew for myself as well as the kids. Continue Reading

December Moments

Ahhhh, I finished!  And technically only 5 days late, even though technically I posted six months worth of photos in the last month-and-a-half.  Moving on to 2015…!

DSC_0221 (Custom) Continue Reading

Sewing: Syrah Skirt

I have had my iphone for almost two years.  In that time, I have yet to download any photos.  I had never even plugged my phone into my computer or downloaded itunes.  So I’ve been running on low storage FOREVER, and the other day I uploaded hundreds of photos to my computer.  Like 1400.  Maybe 1600?   (aside–how can a device so user friendly be so annoying when it comes to doing stuff like this.  or separating accounts.  gah.) Continue Reading