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December 2014

Sewing: Syrah Skirt

I have had my iphone for almost two years.  In that time, I have yet to download any photos.  I had never even plugged my phone into my computer or downloaded itunes.  So I’ve been running on low storage FOREVER, and the other day I uploaded hundreds of photos to my computer.  Like 1400.  Maybe 1600?   (aside–how can a device so user friendly be so annoying when it comes to doing stuff like this.  or separating accounts.  gah.) Continue Reading

Sew to Sell and a giveaway (now closed)!

11060_FrontCover_FullSize (Large)I think for any of us that have dusted off a machine and tried to figure it out, there comes a point where you wonder if you could make money from this little hobby.  The most ideal way, of course, would just to be clever, talented or witty on the internet and have that turn into dollar bills.  But how about method number two, where you actually make and sell those beautiful little handmades of yours?  If you’ve ever thought, dreamed, or fantasized about such a possibility, you’re going to want to pick up a copy of Sewing to Sell.  The best way to put it is how the author has put it… “it’s a sort-of love letter I wish I could have written to myself five years ago.”  Sold.  A perfect gift for yourself or your favorite crafter this Christmas. Continue Reading