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September 2014

The Feather Shirt

DSC_0641 (Custom)This shirt  gets a lot of wear these days.  More wear than anything I have made that child, actually.  Except maybe this.

After a sewing lull, I tested the Raindrop Tee by Gracious Threads.  I really thought about stopping pattern testing, but I decided to make some rules for myself, instead and only sew patters that 1) really appealed to me and would be something I would purchase perhaps in an actual store, and 2) I thought I could make multiple times, for multiple variations, and for multiple children.  The Raindrop Tee fit that criteria pretty effortlessly. Continue Reading

Sewing for fall with Indiesew

Adirondack Inspired Indiesew Fall CollectionWell, hello there.  It’s been a long summer off from blogging, an endeavor I wasn’t so sure I was going to come back to for several reasons I’m sure I’ll yammer on about in other (lengthy) posts.  For today, I want to celebrate my return to blogging with a collaboration I’ve joined in on with Indiesew, to sew some pieces for my fall collection.  Fall is nothing if not the time to buy new clothes after all. Continue Reading