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June 2014

The Ash Jumpsuit

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack InspiredLet’s get back to a little sewing for the kids, shall we?  This summer we don’t have a huge need for clothing, but a few new items go a long way.  At this point, I am not breaking the news on the Willow & Co. folks.  Their first pattern collection has a ‘glamping’ theme, which fits my neck of the woods just perfectly.  I noticed this project months ago, immediately drawn to it because of the ‘Willow’ name.  My AOL Instant Messenger screen name was ‘Willow312.’  Ha…remember those days…’hey, IM me when you get home from school…’   That will be my ‘when I was a kid’ story for my kids.  Not I walked to school uphill in the snow, but ‘I had to wait until I got home from school to message my friends!’  Delayed gratification is so 1998. Continue Reading

Foxglove Tank

Foxglove Tank by Adirondack InspiredA new pattern is buzzing around the internet, and for very good reasons.  Lauren Dahl, of the blog Baste and Gather, and the designer at Selvage Designs, has come out with her first women’s pattern–The Foxglove.  And oh boy, do I love this top.  I’ve worn it an embarrassing number of times already, and it receives the most complements.  Strangers comment on this baby, not just the ‘let’s humor her’ crowd of great family and friends I have.   Although, hi guys, I love you for always complementing something you think I may have made. Continue Reading