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April 2014

Spring breaking

IMG_3896Last week the kids had their Spring Break, a week and a day off from school.  We stayed home this year, as we’ve done for the last several years, doing little things throughout the week that are still big things to the kids. Continue Reading

A portrait a week / week 16 of 52

a portrait a week / adirondack inspired

“Mom…Teddy is so amazing.”

He really is.  This child has an intense need for physical contact.  She is my snuggler, hand-holder, personal-space-intruder.  I’ve contorted myself in many positions trying to hold her baby hand on long car trips (which is all of them), and once she held my brother’s big toe as we drove home from a family vacation in Cape Cod.  Teddy  helps her fall asleep at night.  Her own personal cuddler.


A portrait a week / week 15 of 52

week 15 of 52/ adirondack inspired

Conner, watching the sun go down.  This boy, who notices every little change of Spring.  We had a lot of doctor appointments this last month, and as we would drive out of town, he would notice that you could see grass in those towns.  When he noticed it, it wasn’t some offhand comment, like ‘look…grass!’  It was an accusatory, glaring “Hey!  They have grass here!”  In the same tone he uses if, say, his sister has a lollipop and he doesn’t.

A couple of days later he informed us that he doesn’t want to live on a mountain…because then spring would come.  He’s right, of course.

It is a time for patience in the Adirondacks.




Sewing: Geranium dress in knit (!!!!!)

sewing the geranium dress in knit fabric / adirondack inspiredI didn’t think I could love the Rae’s Geranium Dress pattern more than I already did.  The Geranium pattern was the first beautifully-finished sewing garments I made, about a year ago.  I remember looking at my daughter, thinking ‘I made that?’  It was a catalyst into the ‘what’s possible…’ arena of home sewing.   I would dress this girl in a Geranium dress three days a week, but like many kids, she prefers knits.  (honestly, she prefers pajamas over anything) Continue Reading

sewing: pattern testing for LouBee Clothing

shandiin sewing pattern / adirondack inspiredHot off the presses!  I was lucky enough to do a little pattern testing for  LouBee Clothing line that is almost ready to be in your hot little hands any day now…  It is the latest of Sarah’s hip and modern clothing line, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so the girls can show these tops off.  I’m a bit of a LouBee fangirl, I can’t lie.  I won Sarah’s first pattern last Spring over on Call Ajaire (who’s currently in PR&P, where she does crazy things like make her own fabric!!) and I fell instantly in love.  A trend that is continued one year later, with the Shandiin. Continue Reading

March Moments

A few moments from this past month.  March does not tend to be a month I take a lot of photos, most of these were snapped in the same two days.  Whoops.

March was the snowiest and coldest month this winter.  I’m not 100% that’s true, but let’s go with it…

Aphoto (4) DSC_0466 DSC_0369 DSC_0328 DSC_0342 DSC_0447 DSC_0457 DSC_0335 DSC_0454

sewing: japanese clothing patterns

Time to return to sewing some Japanese clothing patterns!  I have been sewing my way through Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids little by little (see here and here), and today is the tiered blouse, lettered G in the book.

This is my favorite item yet.  I love how it looks on her little frame, so floaty and sweet.  Every time I see her spinning and running, it just makes me happy.  She loves this one, too, which is always a nice bonus.  The closure is a fabric tie looped through, and you can tie it at the shoulder or back.  A very sweet design, but instead of leaving it loose, I tacked it down and I loved the fit even more after that little adjustment.  I made the 2/4 in size (her chest is 19 1/2 inches), and if I made it again, I may add a little length just to make sure I got the most where possible out of it.  There is another version that is a dress, So I may be trying that one out soon…

sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspired sewing japanese clothing patterns / adirondack inspiredSlapping up some pics and heading out…because it’s KCW.  I’m not off to sew, more to do a couple loads of laundry before the kids run out of underwear, and maybe wipe down a counter or a kids face.  Something like that.

(Except now all I want to do is sew a little pair of undies…)

Happy sewing everyone!


Sewing: Figgy’s celestial tee

Kids clothes week…here again!  I feel like we just did this…probably because my sewing area is still a mess from the last time. Here we go… figgy's celestial tee by adirondack inspired I sewed up Figgy’s celestial tee over the weekend.  It’s part of the PPP#2 that I posted about earlier today, but I kind of messed up the neckline and didn’t want to post it as part of a ‘hey, look at this pattern!’ kind of thing.  I used some interlock that was so incredibly beautiful to sew, with lovely crisp lines after ironing, but not a lot of stretch recovery.  And I stretched this neckline, then seam-ripped it and stitched it again.  For some reason my pleats were crooked, and I had to fix them, which is why I bothered to seam-rip a neckline (blech).  Except that, honestly, I don’t think it would have been that noticeable, as the pleats are such a subtle touch and this print is a tad lot busy.  The only trouble I had, is that my stitches seemed to pull at the pleats a bit.  I may shorten the stitch length on those next time.  I love that this pattern told you want to set your zig-zag stitch at, I’ve never had that recommended before, and I certainly wasn’t sewing with these guidelines before.  Love me some indie pattern designers, you get a pattern and a sewing lesson in one. celestialtee5 celestialtee3 I sewed up the 12/18mo version, or maybe it’s 18/24…?  It was the smallest pattern size.  My daughter has a 19 1/2 inch chest and a 19 3/4 inch waist.  I had to lop off a lot of length on the back, and as you can see it’s still kind of long.  I took off length to the front too, but a little too much.  I always think I’m going to go back and fix mistakes like this, but mending is a rare and boring use of the sewing machine.  Besides, a little baby belly never hurt anyone. figgy's celestial tee by adirondack inspired Oh, and I blocked it, using a solid gray to mix it up.  I like the effect.  These bright colors are making up for our lack Spring we experience in our little corner of the world.  Sigh.   I want to try this shirt out in some drapier fabric, as well. figgy's celestial tee by adirondack inspired

Hosh pants-to-shorts tutorial and PPP#2

Hi there…today I’m over at Imagine Gnats, celebrating the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2!

hosh pants bubble shorts tutorial

Last time around was a collection of women’s patterns, this time we are doing a children’s version.  This parcel is pretty amazing, I can’t lie.  Unfamiliar with the PPP?  It’s a sewing bundle where you choose how much you can afford to pay.  Seriously.  And not only are you buying yourself some goodies, you are supporting indie designers and charity.  More here…!

Oh, yeah, and it’s Kids Clothes Week…so I’m calling this part of it and making myself feel all kinds of productive!