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February 2014

A portrait a week / 8 of 52

It’s been light on the sewing around here…but that is allll about to change!  Waiting on some fabric orders today and then really excited to dive in!

Today, another portrait from another week of 2014.  Inspired by Practising Simplicity.

A portrait a week with Adirondack Inspired



A portrait a week / 7 of 52

A portrait a week, inspired by Practising Simplicity.

I am really loving this project, and already nostalgic to think of looking back on just one moment each week for an entire year.

In this moment… she was making homemade valentines during a day of rest at home.  (and I love the gap-tooth smile she sports these days!)

A Portrait A Week / Adirondack Inspired

Shot through the heart…!

I made up a little shirt for my boy, who I thought may want to participate in a little Valentine’s celebration minus any hearts or flowers or…much color of any kind actually.  I really need to buy some fabric in a color other than gray, no?

Adirondack Inspired: Shot Through the Heart Valentines Tee

I also just wanted an excuse to dress him up in another shirt with pop-culture references decades before his time.  I was close to his age when this album came out, so technically it’s a bit before my time, but I remembering rocking out to it on my walkman (or maybe a discman?  8track?) in middle school pretty clearly.

The pattern is Kate’s Recess Raglan, in a size 5, which gives this brand new five-year-old a little growing room.  He really could care what was on it, he’s always happy to receive a handmade item.   Mainly because photoshoots around these parts are paid in Mama hugs and kisses, er, I mean candy.

two (Large)

I thought the shirt was fairly obvious, but my husband didn’t quite get it.  I was going to put a red heart for the arrow to, well, be ‘shot through,’ but the customer said no.  And the customer is always right.

one (Large)

So happy Valentines Day from me.  From my little guy.  But, mostly, from Jon Bon Jovi.




vscocam_1391638476.573447.IMG_3112 (2)

Dear Conner,

Today you are five!  You really get it this year, you are excited about your party and asked that your birthday not be in the morning, but in the night-time.  We don’t want to waste a perfectly good birthday on just getting up and going to school after all.

Five.  Official big kid territory now.  It is strange to think that last year I was lamenting the ending of your ‘three’s.’  Three.  Five.  A whole world of difference.  This year you grew out of your night terrors (phew), but still haven’t settled comfortably into the idea that Mom and Dad have rules for you.  Let’s just say, you doth protest.  Your little boy sweetness faded into the background during your fourth year, but it peaks out just often enough to melt me.  I need those moments since this was the year you refused to kiss me in front of other people (so, soon…really?).  You are still a Daddy’s boy, loving to rough-house and play fight constantly.  As in all the damn time.  You will allow me to sub in if Daddy isn’t available, but neither of us are terribly thrilled with this arrangement.

You started school a few months ago, and you are mostly happy about this.  You would not have wanted to stay home another year, but you love your weekends and vacations, and often wish it were summer vacation.  This is painting a pretty good picture about how you’ll probably feel about school for years to come.  You know, when it’s full time and all.  Today you mentioned that you would miss your friends, and I realized you thought you would be going to Kindergarten now that you were five.

I love watching you figure out the world.  You wonder how things are built, how structures work, where the water goes when it goes down the drain.  You’ll look under sinks and see that the water has to go uphill, and you try to make sense of it all.  You make connections that aren’t quite there, informing me that the Ipad is low on gas, wondering who was playing Candy Crush when the Candyland board is out, and referring to the kitty pool as a ‘cat pool’ and wondering where all those cats are, anyway.  One day I noticed a full roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and realized you figured out how to change the toilet paper roll, which means you’re probably a downright genius, since there are many of your gender who still can’t figure out how that works.

Your sweetness appears when you see beautiful things, and Conner, you see them better than most.  You loved putting each ornament on our Christmas tree, calling them break-i-ful.  (Beautiful and breakable)  You stop and stare at a beautiful sunset or cloud and make sure I see it too, and you smile when the sunshine sparkles on the lake.  But I smile at you, because you are my sunshine.

Here’s to being five, Conner boy!


Mama and Daddy