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October 2013

Days 2-7

Well then…kids clothes week was not quite as productive as I would have liked.

One of these seasons, I’ll really get on board with this.  But I did get another item cranked out, this time for my little guy.

The other day he asked me if I would make ‘all of his shirts.’  I have not sewn for this kid in…oh….about a year.  This post, to be exact.  It’s shameful, I know.

So this one was for him.


The pattern is another Bimaa.  I wanted something simple for him, but didn’t want to just make a t-shirt.  Although he has since asked me to make it short-sleeved.  The knit was some I picked up at Jo Ann’s awhile back.  When I intended to sew for this guy a bit more (whoops!).

I love this neck option, although I had originally intended on making a hood.  I didn’t simply because I didn’t have enough fabric, and that, my friends, was a happy accident.  This collar option is called ‘shawl collar’ so I would never have thought to make it for my son, but I love it for him.  It’s not your grandma’s shawl.


It needed a little something else, so my intention was to make little cut out pockets.  Except that when I tried that the fabric was all wrinkly and wonky.  I think I should have used some sort of interfacing to prevent this, although of course I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  So in the end they are little faux pockets, and I like the look, even though they don’t have an actual function.  I want to try this pattern again, but with a wider fit.

connerbimaa3 connerbimaa2

So that brought an end to KCW.  The remaining of the week was cutting out another sewing pattern and a little fabric shopping.  Time to head out and check what gems everyone else sewed up last week!


PS: He likes it!

Day One

Day one is referring to Kids Clothes Week.  The week dedicated to sewing for kids.  Week one, hour one.  I’m pretty thankful that it came along when it did, because it has been too easy to organize my pdf sewing patterns or organize my pinboards than actually sit down and SEW.  Or cut out patterns, or trace patterns…  you get the idea.

So, for day one I sewed a pair of Hosh’s.  Finally!  I’ve had this pattern waiting around for awhile, but finally put needle to fabric today.

Love it or hate it, the pants you will see before you today happened by accident.  I didn’t have enough fabric, so I had to come up with something, and this is where your fabric stash is a very good thing.

So here we are…Hosh pants…snowbunny style!  I found some cuddle fabric from when I was making burp clothes, and decided to give the hosh pants a little leg-warmer makeover.  And I love them.

Sadly, because I can’t be too deceptive here, these pants were a fail.  Not because of the pattern (obviously), but because I failed to cut mirror images of the pattern (duh).  So the rise of the pants is all messed up, as well as the waistband.  I improvised and tried to make a little waistband, but they just aren’t going to work.  They will exist eventually…let’s call these the ghost of Hosh pants future.

DSC_0262a DSC_0264a DSC_0286

I put her rain boots on, but I think these would be so cute with a pair of winter boots.  (Which she’ll probably start sporting this weekend, and not take off until May, by the way…)

She was NOT in the mood for a photoshoot…you can always tell when I do them last minute because the chalkboard is wet.  So we ended it out on the trampoline, which is probably where I should just do all photoshoots all the time.  The heart fabric is stretch denim from Jo Ann’s, and the cuddle fabric is, too!  It’s actually called that…cuddle fabric.  And all their cuddle fabric goes on sale pretty often for 40% off, so there’s that…

One of these days I’ll channel my Mother and become an organized list maker, but I had no idea these would be made today and the ideas for the rest of the week haven’t been born yet.  Although my son did tell me he wants me to make ‘all his shirts,’ and so at least one shirt should be put on the list.

What do you do during KCW?  Do you ramp up and sew like crazy?  Avoid it?  Spend your hour of sewing time clicking through Pinterest to gather ideas?

PicMonkey Collage


On Tour With the Bimaa

Welcome to Adirondack Inspired’s version of the Bimaa! In this case, a picture is well worth the thousand words, but I’m a wordy kind of girl so we’ll do both.


The Bimaa is a pattern from the lovely Sarah over at EmmyLouBeeDoo, and if you have never sewn one of Sarah’s patterns before, you really should. I fell in love with the Doli (check out my first version here) because it was simple and quick to sew, but with a little somethin’ special.   And that, my friends, is exactly what the Bimaa delivers.

If you are new to knits, this would be a great place to start. Sadly, I do not own a serger (…yet?), but that is no reason to skip sewing with knits! This sewed up beautifully with my regular ol’ sewing machine. I used a straight stitch for most of it, but you would definitely sew on necks and bands with a zigzag or stretch (looks like a lightning bolt) stitch.

The gray fabric was from an old dress of mine, and the striped fabric for the cowl was some super light knit I picked up at Hobby Lobby a year ago. It’s see-through, but the light weighty-ness works perfectly for the cowl. This pattern also comes with a hood or shawl-neck option.  I love a lot of variation in a pattern–does anyone else find it impossible to sew the same pattern twice??

Bimma (17)

I did make a few changes…I thought I was making this a little dress instead of a shirt, but I kept it too straight, so she actually just wears slouch-style around the waist, and I love it.  If you want to make this as a dress, widen it out a bit like Imagine Gnats did.  I may even try a little A-line.  But back to the version at hand…I kept the existing hem from the original dress when making the sleeves and hem.  That is my favorite thing about re-fashioning.  If you do it this way, it is about as instant-gratification as a project gets.  I also added a little applique heart to make it look a little less grown-up.  She’s my last baby, I can’t be rushing things…

Bimma (11)

I was worried that my 2-year-old wouldn’t like the cowl neck, but she isn’t bothered in the least.  My older daughter was very interested in this pattern, and I asked if she would like one for herself, and she said yes.  Then she requested one with a cowl that goes completely over her head with eye holes to peek out of.  A Bimaa ninja, perhaps?  Stay tuned…

Bimma (40) Bimma (42)

Bimma (57)

Be sure to check out the rest of the tour, it’s an amazing line up!


A big thank-you to Sarah for letting me be a part of this one!

(and don’t forget Kids Clothing Week is just around the corner (eeeek!).  )



Explore With Me: Fawn Lake

There really is no better season than fall in the Adirondacks.  I love the cooler nights, the routine of back-to-school, the bursting color, and warm autumn light.  (and no bugs!)  Last week was picture perfect, with clear sunny days and warm breezes.  Some years the colors are a little better than others, and this year was one of the best.  It is the time of year where those 1-hour road trips out of town aren’t so bad…

On one of those particularly beautiful afternoons, we took the kids to Fawn Lake.  It is an easy one mile hike through the woods to a little Lake and gorgeous camping spot.  We had thought about doing this one earlier in the summer, but early summer was so wet and this trail gets a bit muddy.  It was dry for our trip, but the kids loved the little wooden bridges and ‘balance beams’ that ordinarily are used to assist hikers.

Once we were at the lake, our little guy got busy catching salamanders.  He catches them everywhere, but this trip was the jackpot.  He caught a ton of them, sometimes two at a time.  He did his best to convince us to bring all his toys, let someone else live in our house, and live and work on the Fawn Lake shores catching salamanders for our jobs.  He made a good argument, but we eventually had to hike out before the sun went down.

It was the last of the warm afternoons where we could pretend it was still summer.  We got home late enough that we were eating dinner after the usual bedtime, and setting aside homework for the next night.  This week, the color has dulled and there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees.

Enjoy some glimpses into our last warm-weather hurrah.  If you’re ever in the area, check out this hike.  It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours, and perfect for smaller hikers!

Photo3 (2) Photo5 (2)Photo2 (2) Photo1 (2) vsco_0 20130930_172437 (Large)vsco_1 20130930_173150_1 (Large) Photo1

20130930_171723 (Large) 20130930_172257 (Large)

Sewing Up Some Toddler Loungewear

Happy Monday Tuesday morning.  Anyone else already starting out their week a day behind??  Sigh.

I sewed up some PJ’s for Lily over the weekend, but now I’m referring to them as loungewear.  Because, let’s be honest, she will be wearing this stuff out of the house.

Baby girl just needs some clothes, plain and simple, and I’m trying to make most of hers.  This may have been a little overly-ambitious, I’ll keep you posted.

I also had some flannel fabric to use up.  I had bought a bunch of cute flannel with the intention of making burp clothes, about a year ago.  (I used to sew only rectangle shapes).  I had just enough to eek out these the pants.  The first pair I made required a contrasting fabric to use for the hem, the second pair I got away with just the 1/2 yard of fabric I had by using fold-over-elastic and a ribbon hem.  The fold over elastic works well, except I’m never sure how to join it, and you need to make it smaller than you would your band of one-inch elastic.  At least I do.  If you have any tips working with this stuff, lay it on me!  This was the second time I’ve experimented with the stuff (the first was here).

I used Sew Jereli’s free pj pants pattern, with the flashback skinny T.  I had downloaded the pants pattern ages ago, probably from Pinterest, but from the looks of things I need to go spend some time on this sweet little blog.  So many sewing blogs, so little time…

My flannels were from Jo-Ann’s, and the knits were from a garage sale (score!).

I love using bits of ribbon for tags.  This sweet little owl fit in perfectly.




For the second pair, I used ribbon to hem.  I’ve used this technique a few times before and it’s a great little detail, and also nice when you just don’t have that much fabric to spare!  You sew the ribbon to the wrong side of hem.  When you start flip up the raw edge of the fabric, lining it up with the seam.  This encases the raw edge at the end, just like when you use bias tape.  Then you flip it to the right side and top stitch down the top of the ribbon.  And voila!  I don’t pin or any such nonsense with this method.  I actually leave the ribbon attached to the spool as I sew, then I cut when I’ve finished sewing.  It may look a little ‘wobbly,’ just give it a good pressing.


Lily loved the flowers on this pair.


And there we go.  Some PJ’s cute enough to wear to the grocery store.

What do you think, Lily, do you like them?


It’s okay, Lily, you can be honest.  How do you really feel?


I love sewing sweet little dresses, of course, but there is something so gratifying about sewing up jammies!

What do you like to sew most?