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August 2013

Winner of the Tinny!!

The winner of the Tinny is commenter #1–Dandeliondrift!! I will email it to you by Monday!!

In other news, I think my machine needs to go into the shop.

How often do you send in your machine for some TLC?

Time for a Giveaway!!!

I believe it’s about time Adirondack Inspired hosted it’s very first giveaway!!

This past weekend the lovely Meghan of Once Upon a Notion and I were able to meet up.  In real life, no less.  With our families.  It happened a little by chance.  You see,  she loves goats.  I love goats.  I wrote about our exploration of a goat farm, and lo, her family vacation was born and brought her to my little corner of the Adirondacks.  And after the nervousness brought on by hearing several incredulous ‘you’re meeting someone you met on the internet!?? ‘ wore off, we had a great time talking shop and watching the kids play.

Special angled photography courtesy of my 4-year-old…

photo 2 (Large)

photo 1 (Large)

The girls, especially, hit it off right away.  I love this age, when friend criteria is as simple as ‘you’re going into first grade, too!?’

After meeting Meghan, I thought a lot about the sewing community, and how it’s slowly become my community filled with my friends.  A community that shares the same blog verbage that is hard to explain to anyone else.  It’s a special place.  My special place.

So, back to the giveaway… !

It’s a good one.  Ready?

It’s An from Straightgrain’s Tinny pattern!!!  Look at it…four collar, three skirt, and two sleeve options!


Especially exciting, since it’s the featured pattern for Francis Suzanne’s FLIP this pattern series.  You still have time to get your flip on.


The give away is for no other reason than I love this little sewing community, and it’s time to give back after all the generosity I’ve received!  I actually won my own copy of the Tinny pattern from Caila’s Best of Summer Series, and since I was planning on purchasing this one anyway, I thought I’d share the (pattern) wealth!

Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, connecting, and supporting.

****To enter, just leave a comment on this post any time from now through Friday.  Winner will be announced Saturday morning!****


Debbie’s Birthday Dress

Exciting stuff to share with you all today!  A few weeks ago Suz (of Sewpony and the fantastic ‘when we were young’ series) contacted me a couple of weeks ago to check if I was interested in joining her pattern tour.  I’m pretty sure I let out a whoop of joy when I got the email, and scrambled to reply while standing in line at the zoo.

You see, I knew this pattern was coming out (I had read about it here) and it felt like a style I would really love.  It’s the first of Suz’s vintage pattern company, aptly titled Sewpony Vintage.  A classic a-line dress with two options.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a staple around here.   I like simple, classic, with a little something special, and that’s exactly what I got.

Titlephoto (Large)

My version was inspired by a back-to-school look.  It’s only the beginning of August, but the weather has turned fall-like around here, and school is on my mind.  If I didn’t live an hour from Target, I would have had her in knee socks and mary jane’s for the photoshoot.


one (Large)

backbuttondetail2 (Large)

The pattern is one of the simplest I’ve cut and taped, with clear directions and a nifty grid pattern to follow.  I appreciate that, since cutting and taping is a rather tedious part of the whole sewing gig.

I chose home-décor fabric, since the drape of this dress can definitely handle some sturdy fabric.  After a summer of sewing with drapey fabric and über gathered skirts, this was a nice change of pace.  I had intended to let my daughter pick out the fabric, but I had to switch gears after she gravitated toward synthetic, slinky bedazzled leopard print.  Let’s just say the blue ikat was a major compromise on her part, with promises to make something in any fabric of her choice, at a later date.  Stay tuned for that one…

I had originally intended to use the ikat fabric for the entire dress, but then had second thoughts…as in I thought it might make my daughter look like a chair.

peterpancollardetailshot2 (Large)

There is a peter pan collar option, which I had to include.  Suz includes fantastic directions, including how to hide the seam, but I like to use piping instead.  I think it’s easier to just jazz up the seam than try to hide it, and I’ve never regretted adding piping to anything.

four (Large)

Be sure to follow along the rest of the tour, I can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with!  Ready to sew your own version?  Use the coupon code BLOGTOUR1 for 20% off your copy at Sewpony Vintage.

Debbie's Birthday Dress Tour



Explore With Me: Kunjamuk Cave

Adirondack Hiking with Kids

Kunjamuk cave is one of those places I had always heard about as a kid, but hadn’t actually visited until a couple of weeks ago.  It used to require a mile hike to reach, but is now directly off of a logging trail and very well marked making it extremely accessible.

The cave is about 15 feet deep and maybe 8-10 feet wide.  There is an opening in the roof of the cave that lets in sunlight, making it a fun place to explore, because, well, you can actually see inside.  (There were also a lot of spiders on the roof of the cave, I did my best to ignore those…)  As a child, I always associated the cave with local legend, French Louie, but upon a little internet research, I guess that isn’t confirmed and the origin of the cave is forever a mystery…

Kunjamuck Cave, Adirondacks

Kunjamuck Cave, Adirondack Mountains Kunjamuck Cave, Adirondack Mountains

You can read more about French Louie here, he has a colorful history, mostly known for being a hermit and living off the land.  At least that’s mostly what I knew of him.

After reading a bit about him, I loved this bit the most…

…Arriving on the top of Page Hill where he could overlook the growing town, he would emit a series of wild animal cries and howls that would signal to the children of the town that he had arrived once more. They would come running to him and he would never be shy about buying them candy or giving out nickels and dimes. When children asked him to show off his animal cries or mimic an owl, he would always oblige. He always felt he could connect to children because of there imagination and appreciation to the world of the forest and seldom had much use for grown-ups.

Upon his death, the local towns of Lake Pleasant and Ariettea(Piseco) paid for and took care of his burial.  The local school was closed so the children could attend his funeral.

I think I will always associate Kunjamuk cave forever with French Louie, whether he ever actually slept there or not…

The kids loved investigating inside the cave as well as climbing the surrounding forest ledge and peering down into the cave.  Mama, however, was not quite so comfortable with this precarious sort of exploration.  I guess it’s a good thing these kids have a Dad who scoffs at my anxiety.  What’s a ten-foot fall onto a cave floor anyway, right??  Ha. As usual, it was just the sense of being free in the woods that the kids loved.

Kunjamuck Cave, Adirondack Mountains Adirondack Hiking with Kids Adirondack Hiking with Kids

And I would be neglecting my ‘journalistic’ duties here if I did not mention that this place was a mosquito and deer-fly haven. Most of our little explorations of the summer have been bug-laden, as this is the Adirondacks, after all.  Long pants, hats, and bug-spray are a must. At least, they make it a more pleasant experience.  Learn from our mistakes…

Kunjamuck Cave, Adirondacks Adirondack Hiking with Kids Adirondack Hiking with Kids Adirondack Hiking with Kids

And after this little detour, shown to us by a great local friend (and Jeepin’ tour guide), we called it a day…

Kunjamuk River, Adirondacks, NY

…and what a great day it was.

Happy exploring!


Happy Friday…

Sharing a little something that started my weekend off with a smile…

Found on my camera roll this morning. Boy can pull off some Angelina Jolie lips, amiright??