The Ash Jumpsuit

Let’s get back to a little sewing for the kids, shall we?  This summer we don’t have a huge need for clothing, but a few new items go a long way.  At this point, I am not breaking the news on the Willow & Co. folks.  Their first pattern collection has a ‘glamping’ theme, which fits my neck of the woods just perfectly.  I noticed this project months ago, immediately drawn to it because of the ‘Willow’ name.  My AOL Instant Messenger screen name was ‘Willow312.’  Ha…remember those days…’hey, IM me when you get home from school…’   That will be my ‘when I was a kid’ story for my kids.  Not I walked to school uphill in the snow, but ‘I had to wait until I got home from school to message my friends!’  Delayed gratification is so 1998.

A few months later, I’ve been lucky enough (seriously lucky) to get to know these ladies a little better, and I am so happy to share my Ash Jumpsuit.  I love the jumpsuit/romper thing that’s still going strong.  And while I really was tempted to make it as a one piece outfit, I just didn’t want to chance any setback in the potty training arena.  (For the first time in 7 years, I am not changing diapers..)  So I made the two piece version.  Well, one of them.  There’s a lot of variation you can do in one little pattern, and without further ado, here is what we did!

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack InspiredAsh Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired

The fabric is a linen floral print I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics last summer.  I adjusted the elastic to give it a higher neckline (I just kind of put it on and fiddled until I really liked how it looked) and I took about an inch off the shorts to make cute little bloomers.

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired

I love the curve of the line the pattern makes around the side to the back.  There are a lot of patterns I’ve sewn and enjoyed, but some have little design elements that make me feel little flutters of happiness when I see the kids running around in them.  This top is one of them.  It’s my spidey sense seal of approval.  I love the pattern designer, Celina from Petit a petit and family, and her sense of style, so I had a hunch that I would really take to this pattern.

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired

A little sidenote about the differences in the pics…the photoshoot was done in three different takes.  Basically, it goes like this… run outside and snap a bunch of photos until the mosquitoes find you, then flee into the house.  Repeat!

I love it paired with little leggings, too.  This was also the allure of not sewing it as a romper, but having separate pieces.  She was throwing rocks off the ledge here…and by ledge I mean cliff. This is her response to ‘mom is trying to save my life again…’  Moms are such a buzzkill, man.

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired


Oh, and this is the very first time she ever let me put pigtails in her hair.  Major win.  It does not get cuter than pigtails.

Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired Ash Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack InspiredAsh Jumpsuit sewn by Adirondack Inspired

Oh, AND…today is the LAST DAY to get 30% off your Willow & Co. patterns.  Seriously, scoop that deal UP!!  There are so many great patterns in this collective, so stock up while you can!


Foxglove Tank

A new pattern is buzzing around the internet, and for very good reasons.  Lauren Dahl, of the blog Baste and Gather, and the designer at Selvage Designs, has come out with her first women’s pattern–The Foxglove.  And oh boy, do I love this top.  I’ve worn it an embarrassing number of times already, and it receives the most complements.  Strangers comment on this baby, not just the ‘let’s humor her’ crowd of great family and friends I have.   Although, hi guys, I love you for always complementing something you think I may have made.

Foxglove tank by Adirondack Inspired

It’s a tank with a high-low hem, can be made in either knit or wovens, and comes in all sizes under the sun.  This is a fantastic pattern, and I was lucky enough to hop on the pattern testing train.  I love the flowy silhouette and clean finish inside.  It is simple enough for beginners to tackle, and in the end you have a beautifully finished garment, no serger required.  And since I still sew with a basic sewing machine and nothing else, I love a pattern that has clean finishes.

Foxglove by Adirondack Inspired Foxglove by Adirondack Inspired

The back is a racerback finish, which I like for showing off my shoulders.  I mean, I have no boobs, so shoulder flaunting it is.  The arm scythe is absolutely spot on, the bra does not make an appearance…

Foxglove Tank by Adirondack Inspired

The fabric I used, I found at my local Jo Ann’s (woot!) and it’s a rayon challis.  I’ve never used this type of fabric before, but it is my new favorite.  It’s soft and flowy with an amazing drape and the wrinkles kind of fall out of it.  Sadly, it’s not easy to find in the store (try the red tag section, though).  I love how it caught the light in this ‘golden hour’ photoshoot.  It really should be called mosquito-hour around here, though…  ugh.  Seriously, the bugs are out of control this year.

Foxglove Tank by Adirondack InspiredLucky for us, I think this Lauren Dahl character is a bit of an overachiever and will have no shortage of patterns coming out.  I could not recommend this pattern more, the pattern itself is beautifully constructed, but her PDF file is out of this world.  I didn’t realize how much time I was spending trying to orient myself to the PDF instructions and such until I opened hers and it was just beautifully laid out.   Head over to Indie Sew to pre-order!

Foxglove Tank by Adirondack Inspired





Pattern Touring: the ojai wrap by sew country chick

I live in layers.  Fleeces, sweaters, long cardis, scarves, I like to layer up.  I hate being cold, and also, I just kind of like feeling as if I’m wrapped in a blanket at all times.  So when Justine from Sew Country Chick asked if anyone was interested in joining her Ojai pattern tour, I was in.  I live in a similar, store-bought, item as it is, and I could use a few more.

ojai wrap sewn by adirondack inspiredojai wrap / adirondack inspired

The original pattern has short sleeves, that are just an extension of the pattern, no fussy sewn-in sleeves or any such thing, but I wanted to extend mine.  I like the additional length, but I think I’ll slim them down next time.  I also want to try the original short-sleeved version, and a sleeveless version.  You can’t really have too many layering pieces.

ojai wrap adirondack inspired

The fabric is a really thin tissue-knit type jersey from Jo Ann’s and it is very, very thin.  And see-through.  So many of the knits were.  I guess maybe to make the trendy see-through tops that you have to wear a t-shirt under?  I’m not sure, but there was a whole slew of fabric like this, that I wish was about twice as thick.

ojai wrap / adirondack inspired

Moving on…  I love the length of this pattern, it just covers the bum so it would be great to lounge around in over leggings, as well.  I made mine in the morning (a nice fast sew!) and wore it around all day with some yoga pants.  I had asked my husband if he’d take some photos of me after dinner and he eventually was like ‘umm, are you going to go get ready?’  Granted, the last few items I’ve sewn have been dresses, but I like that he didn’t even guess I had sewn this.  I really do enjoy sewing (and wearing) dresses, but when it comes to a handmade wardrobe, this is a great staple pattern to have in the stash.  It’s just great loungewear, and really, I’m a lounge-y kind of girl aspiring to be a yoga kind of girl so either way, this will be getting some good wear.

And if you’re thinking ‘hey, I’m a lounge-y kind of person, too!’ well good luck, there is a giveaway to be had.  Head over to Sew Country Chick to enter and check out the rest of the tour!



Bloopers…. oh and have you noticed all the specs around my head!?  Those, my non-local readers are called black flies.  They are horrendous.  They weren’t biting yet, but just the swarming was driving me insane.  The biting will probably start tomorrow or the next day.  It’s horrible, guys.  A special little circle of hell.

ojai wrap / adirondack inspired



sewing: a tunic for lily

I had the desire to make the girls Easter dresses this year.  Easter is one of the few times a year I wish we were a church-going family, for the reason to wear said Easter dressings and go somewhere.  Not, I understand, a compelling reason to harness an entire belief-system, but the ritual appeals nonetheless.  Instead, we wake up with the sunrise and scavenge for eggs filled with chocolate.  Also quite appealing.

The dresses turned into tunics, first because I traced the wrong line for Lily’s, and then because I didn’t have enough fabric for Chloe’s.  I’m sharing Lily’s today, and it turned out to be the sweetest little tunic you ever did see.  I’m pretty biased to my own creations (obviously), but I love this thing.  I pair it with fun striped leggings and it is this great juxtaposition of texture and style that works for any day of the week.  From Easter to grocery shopping, it makes me smile to see her wear it.  She’s like an exuberant, emotional, portable little canvas.

llilytunic5 (Custom) lilytunic9 (Custom)

The dress is from the translated-to-English Happy Homemade: sew chic kids.  (I’ve duly gushed over this book here, here, and here).  I couldn’t have sewn from it a year ago, there is too much you have to figure out, but it’s been good for me to have to figure some things out without explicit step- by-step photos that I’ve become so reliant on.  (side note to indie designers, don’t ever stop doing those fantastic tutorials, though.  kthanksbye)  This dress is labeled f, titled simply square neck dress or some such thing.  I will probably make it again in some sort of check or gingham for summer.  It feels like that sort of iconic ‘summer frock.’  The kind you go blueberry picking in.  Not that I’ve ever taken the kids blueberry picking, but maybe the right attire brings the right activity.  (if you sew it…)

Moving right along…  The dress calls for ruffles at the arm, a great opportunity to play with fabric, but I have this vintage lace (translation: purchased at a garage sale) that worked perfectly.  The sweetness is in the layering of details.

lilytunic4 (Custom) DSC_1582 (Custom)

This is easily in the top three favorite items I’ve made so far.  And while I do have a particular bias for whatever I’ve made recently, I mean it this time.  I spent more time selecting fabric that I  loved, instead of weighing what I loved with what I thought would sew up easily/cost the least.  I have an extensive frugality problem that ends up never saving me money at all.  I mean, sewing clothes that don’t wash well or that you don’t LOVE means sewing clothes that don’t get worn and that saves exactly zero dollars.  The fabrics are from Jo Ann’s by the way.  A mix of quilting cotton and something out of the fancy section.

The back is a simple loop and button closure.  I had some turquoise buttons in my stash and I wanted to pair it with the salmon colors in the bodice fabric, so I dyed a bit of white bias tape in my stash.  And by ‘dyed’ I mean I colored it in with a sharpie!  And that, my friends, is my biggest sewing tip to date.  Alert the pinterest presses.  Ha.  It still looks uneven in these photos, but I added another ‘coat’ and they are perfectly even now.

lilytunic7 (Custom)

And I’m out of words, so here’s some more gratuitous photography…

lilytunic6 (Custom) lilytunic10 (Custom) lilytunic (Custom)

And if you’re still reading, a question for you.  When you see fabric you love, how much do you buy at a time?